Trip ro K-POP

2020, Events, Client:한국콘텐츠진흥원

    코로나19 극복 콘서트 TRIP TO K-POP 행사의 타이틀과 포스터, 온라인 홍보이미지 등 전반적인 비주얼 작업을 담당하였다. 이정표를 단순화한 그래픽을 타이틀에 적용하고, 보딩 패스를 비주얼 전반적으로 활용하여 여행을 떠나는 이미지를 드러내었다. ‘반드시 오고야 말 행복’이라는 꽃말을 가지고 있는 만수국의 컬러를 키 컬러로 지정하여 함께 코로나를 극복하자는 메시지를 반영하였다.
    Overall visual work was carried out, including the title, poster, and online promotional image of the COVID-19 overcoming concert TRIP TO K-POP event. A graphic that simplified the milestone was applied to the title, and the boarding pass was used throughout the visual to reveal the image of traveling. The color of Mansuguk, which has the meaning of "happiness of words only when they come," was designated as a key color, reflecting the message to overcome COVID-19 together.